Air Lifting is an advanced technology that uses compressed
					/air to make micro pinholes over the skin's foundational layer
					/and inject precisely adjusted compressed jets into the dermis.
Thermage lifting uses a systematic
					/process to target and tighten specific
					/areas of the skin in all layers.
Ulthera is the natural choice for a nonsurgical
					way to lift, tone, and tighten your skin. Using 
					high power ultrasound energy, the laser is 
					targeted under the skin's layer deep 
					down to the SMAS layer, stimulating the body's 
					natural production of collagen for a powerful 
					lifting of the skin.
RevLite is a fast and complete laser
				with the least discomfort and quick recovery.
Fraxel treats a wide scope of scars such as deep
				acne scars, varicella (chicken pox) scars,
				surgical scars, and tattoo removal scars.
Three distinct programs effectively 
				protect the skin's foundational layers.
				Patients witness remarkable results
				in just one session!
PicoSure is an FDA-approved laser that is widely recognized for its
				technology leadership and proven performance for effectively removing
				tattoos and unwanted discolorations.
The Greatest IPL Lumenis
				/Lumenis, the ultimate treatment for all types of discolorations and vascular malformations!
Lumenis is highly recommended for patients
				with facial redness, inveterate vascular
				malformations and skin laxity.
Secret laser is the perfect technology to bring the skin
				to its best condition as it delivers precisely controlled 
				radio-frequency energy only to the targeted areas
				by adjusting the length of the micro-needle penetration. 
				This advanced technology reduces heat damage to
				the skin's foundational layer with very little down time, 
				providing your skin with energy and a youthful
Acne Photodynamic Therapy PDT
				/Destroy acne bacteria and sebaceous glands! Say good bye to acne forever! Acne Photodynamic Therapy PDT
Carbon Dioxide laser reacts to areas of skin
				tissues that contain very high water percentage. 
				Because this treatment is a bloodless procedure, 
				CO2 laser is a safe and quick procedure with very 
				little swelling
Perfect Body Line 4-MAX
Dual HIFU Dual
				/Ultrasound Lifting & Tightening for both face and body!